Marriage is a life-time commitment a couple makes to each other. Though marriage is based on a love covenant, it must be combined with skill and hard work in order to succeed. Pre-marital couseling provides the foundational tools for building and maintianing a healthy marriage relationship. However, it is not a panacea. Instead, pre-marital education equips and prepares couples to successfully face and overcome the many challenges couples face during the course of marriage.

Moreover, as a member of Twogether in Texas, the state portion of the marriage license application cost is waved for couples who attend and complete this eight-hour pre-marital education course. The course addresses the following critical areas:

  • What is marriage.
  • Love, an Enduring Covenant.
  • Marital Roles and Responsibilities
  • Decision Making
  • Managing Finances.
  • Keys to Good Communication
  • Solving Problems Together/Conflict Resolution
  • …and more

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